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19 Nov. 17
Grand Opening

Grand Opening of BlueScope Foundation

We BlueScope Foundation on behalf of our management take immense pleasure in inviting you all to attend the inauguration function of our new office in Bluescope Kids Planet 80 H, Regent Estate, Kolkata - 700095 West Bengal, India. The inauguration will begin sharp at 11AM.

We have been running this company successfully from the past twenty years and after having 5 branches we are going ahead and opening a new branch. This would not have been possible today because of the efforts and dedication of our management and employees. So we invite each and every employee to attend this programme as they too are a vital part of this company.

This foundation stands on its firm principles of sustainable Education, Literacy missions, skills development principles among women, Youth and children, and most importantly develop categorized Global outreach, expansion, awareness and establish Open air school method in all corners of the world.

With these objectives in our agenda which we bring our pilot project of a Learning and development centre for Children starting with Bluescope Kids planet, as the first product and service of Bluescope Foundation.

This center of Learning and Development will consist of four services:

  • Preschool for the initiation of the idea of Kids education prior to formal education with Montessori based theme and other learning and developmental activities for ages, 3 yrs to 15yrs.
  • Child Centric Library to instill reading habits amidst digital world. Instilling Reading club and reading habits in children in a Vedic styled theme with eco sustainable products.
  • Computer work stations to enable learning and enhancing alternative approach to educational excellence so children progress brilliantly in their formal educational institutions. Projects like language drills, mathematics development, other online learning platform for development.
  • Outreach projects dealing with coordinated activities for awareness and projects.
  • Skills developmental activities for children and youth platform to raise leadership and community outreach.

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