Spiritual Values and Ecology

We want to create a Hallmark of dynamic visibility and simplicity from the Nobel cause of Rabindarnath Tagore’s philosophy and literacy which reflected his aspirations touching every life in this planet.

  1. To create opportunities and environment and provide guidance for education and literacy missions blending nurturing and instilling passion in understanding the benefits of eco-friendly environment/ open air environment.
  2. To build and provide the importance of Nature for social and economic wellbeing.
  3. To eradicate poverty by skill development and literacy projects into indigenous population and formal environment of education and learning into Urban and semi urban areas globally.
  4. To create awareness and develop knowledge on pollution and environmental degradation by assisting social groups and individuals through our Green projects.
  5. To inspire Youth Leadership and women empowerment and Children education in a sustainable development and overall growth.
  6. To connect with all state run schools and other educational institutions within the country and global, to be a catalytic agent of skill and capacity building, developing knowledge and awareness, attitude building to protect environment and wellbeing.
  7. To promote alternative education through sustainable projects and eco-friendly products, educational resources and providences of affluent nature based institutions.
  8. To emphasise the concept of life sustainability through waste management principles, recycling products, herbal gardens, organic produce and its importance, creating eco-friendly environments and assist and develop cultural importance through art, science and music.
  9. Establish importance of Indigenous communities’ development by introducing traditional knowledge with use of Media technologies in education and facilitating collaborations with government and Global organisations.

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