Project Details

Children on class trip to nursery

Bluescope Kids Planet

PRESCHOOL – will consist of Playschool toddlers aged between 1.5 yrs to 2.5 yrs, Pre Nursery children aged between 2.5 yrs to 3.5 yrs, Nursery children aged between 3.5 yrs to 4.5 yrs and Kindergarten children aged between 4.5 yrs to 6 yrs.

Considering we have two rooms for engagement. Hence timing is crucial for these. Only these two rooms will be used for all of these age group children and activities of learning and development at the moment as we also have to consider that admissions may slowly build up. So it will not be over crowded from the start. But once the timing is planned well and set, it can be reflected on operations and Trainer recruitment.

My thoughts:

Playschool Toddlers consistency of time – 2 hours
Pre nursery and Nursery : 3 hours
Kindergarten: 4 hours


Preschool Program:
Montessori method will be used for Pre Nursery and Nursery children whilst Kindergartens will have Learning kits.

Names of Learning work stations: 

Playschool Toddlers:

Wisteria ( sweetest smelling tiny purple flowers). PUrple significance in the Cosmos is the divine as the beginning of the dark energy and the white energy.

Pre Nursery:
Alyssum (White blossoms with excellent fragrance).

Jasmine ( white vibrant fragrance)

Frangipani (white blooms)
We will consistently run these age groups starting from 9 am to 4pm based on age groups.

After school programs: 

Music, English Lab, Maths Lab activities, Creative crafts, Food and Hygiene, Planting trees, Waste management programs etc.. Many more as much as you think, plan and implement for every weekend for Kindergarten children.

Children Club activities:

  • Elmo Lounge: For computer animated Multimedia learning and development
  • Cubby club: The story telling, DMT ( dance movement therapy) associated with songs and rhymes, creative arts, and musical instrument basics, Reading, language learning, Theatrics, Art, Drama and Music. Remember, we are promoting overall growth and system of Alternative education, learning and development through eco friendly and sustainable method.
  • Every Saturday based on time.
  • Green club: Eco environment outdoor activities that involves children aged 6 yrs to 12 yrs

Each week and weekend gets engaged.

Apart from the above, from the 18th November onwards, Parent counselling sessions will start , Teacher training, internal administrative training, Psychological counselling for teachers and center team members, etc..

Each of these programs apart from Academic yearly fees should be structured well.

Bluescope KIDS planet Products and services:

  • FOOTSTEPS – Children Library
  • ELMO LOUNGE – Multimedia workstations for Learning and development
  • BLOOMS – Preschool
  • SPRINGS – outreach mission on Literacy that will engage volunteers, paid volunteers to engage, create coordinated activities with schools, and prepare tech teams for establishing English language clubs engagements with state run schools across West Bengal and later India.
  • BLUESCOPE SANCTUARY – An engagement of establishing eco-friendly programs based on waste management, planting trees, establishing literacy libraries in all communities based on reach out with community councillors and using community clubs and community centres. This is free program based on Bluescope foundational principles. Starting with Kolkata city limits to beyond.